Lu Haussler

Lu Haussler, J.D.

Resolving disputes and mediating conflicts in Santa Cruz County since 1989

Lu was trained and certified as a conflict mediator by the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County (CRC) in 1989. She received her J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law in Santa Clara, California, in 1997. She has provided dispute resolution and conflict mediation services to the Santa Cruz community for nearly 25 years.

General Mediator For Disputes, Conflicts, and Small Claims

As a CRC Conflict Mediator for the Small Claims Division of the Santa Cruz County Superior Court, Lu facilitated the resolution of disputes for a wide range of cases involving a broad spectrum of simple and complex conflicts. Cases included disputes between landlords and tenants, contractors and builders, neighbors concerned with fences, barking dogs, and parking, citizens claiming property damage by other citizens, and disagreements about contracts and verbal agreements, to name just a few.

Divorce Mediator

Lu has also served as a divorce mediator for the Family Law Affordable Mediation (FAM) Program through CRC, helping divorcing parties develop their Marital Settlement Agreement without costly and time-consuming litigation.

Parent-Teen Dialogue Facilitator

Most recently, Lu has served as a Parent-Teen Mediator for CRC, assisting parents and teenagers in crisis to create a plan for peace, and develop a written Agreement. This approach resolves ongoing problems and preserves personal relationships. The Parent-Teen sessions include training the family members in effective dialogue techniques for calmer and less stressful communications going forward.